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Gusha produce printed artworks, including acrylic face-mounted 'glass' prints and canvas prints, to decorate residential and commercial interiors. Choose a photo from our portfolio or have us print your photo to decorate your home or office.

Beach canvas print displayed in lounge room

Angus Benham and Shaun Struik started GUSHA in 2004 in pursuit of the perfect coastal landscape. With obscure backgrounds including a Master of Science, and a Hospitality Management degree, Angus and Shaun combined their talents to create a business that was inspired originally by a five week tour of southern Africa.

“We had friends and family north of Sydney at Hawks Nest and Port Stephens. These are stunning locations for beach scenes and we began photographing and selling canvas prints at a small café in Tea Gardens, and at a small gift store in Nelson Bay.”

Living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney has enabled GUSHA to capture some of the best coastal scenery that Australia has to offer and as the photographic portfolio grows we’re excited about what the future has in store.

“These are exciting times for the art of photography and we are embracing new technologies with the aim to produce artworks that are bigger and more dramatic than they've ever been."

Acrylic picture detail photos for the 45x30cm or 18x12inch size


Landscape Photography as Artwork

The outstanding landscapes of Australia are our passion as artists and continue to inspire us to produce these artworks. The images reflect the striking beauty of the Australian landscape and have been captured to be displayed as large, full colour prints. The aim of the artworks being to 'take' you to that location - as if looking through a window!

Photographer Angus Benham specialises in coastal photography with a smaller portfolio of hinterland regions. To the south, we love the famous white-sand beaches of Jervis Bay. To the north, we feature the blue-water paradise that is Port Stephens including Shoal Bay and the beaches of Hawks Nest.

There is also a large selection from the magnificent Byron Bay region. Further abroad in Queensland we have images from 4wd heaven - Fraser Island and sun-soaked Noosa. Finally be sure to take a look at the selection from Norfolk Island - you might be surprised by what this small island treasure has to offer!

Long exposure seascape photo over dark sofa

Photography on Canvas - A Great Way to Style Your Space

An exciting advantage of photography on canvas includes the greater image size achievable over conventional photographic prints. The results are dramatic, immersing the viewer into the landscape giving a true feeling of being there. Canvas prints have a contemporary finish, and require no additional framing. Consequently, they are suitable for decorating any colour scheme and interior space.

Gusha photographic print studio in Brookvale, Sydney.

Acrylic 'Glass' Face Mounted Prints

Acrylic face mounted prints give a contemporary, high-gloss, high-contrast finish. Acrylic face mounting enhances the contrast, adds sharpness and colour saturation to photographic prints for a gloss look unobtainable by any other framing method. Acrylic face mounts are a truly stunning, unique product and will be the focal point for any room. For this reason they are suitable for contemporary homes, office spaces, hotel lobbies, and restaurants.

The process of bonding photographs to acrylic 'glass' (Plexiglass) protects the image from dirt, scratching and premature fading. This framing technique is widely displayed in museums and galleries throughout the world and remains one of the most impressive ways to showcase an image.

Acrylic face mounting photo prints in Sydney studio

Our Artists & Portfolio

Angus Benham


Photo of Angus Benham at Uluru

Angus Benham grew up in the small town of Kawerau, New Zealand where his love for nature and the great outdoors started at an early age. After completing his masters in Aquatic Biology, he made the big move to Sydney where he took a job as a waiter at the Park Hyatt to help him find his feet in the city. This is where he met Shaun, who later became the “sha” of Gusha, and who inadvertently played a role in Angus discovering his natural flare for photography.

Angus began his adventure with photography quite unexpectedly on a trip to Africa, where he fell in love with being able to capture the breathtaking beauty he was experiencing. Angus was able to marry his love for nature with his new-found passion for photography, and was unstoppable in traveling the coast trying to capture the perfect shot.

Shaun and Angus starting experimenting with printing the photos in different ways, and when they produced a two metre long print on canvas of an idyllic beach shot, they caught the attention of the art galleries. This led them to start a business together, and hence Gusha was born. They were soon able to quit their “night jobs” as waiters as people came to appreciate the eye-catching images and unique presentation, which almost gave them a “window to a different world” on their wall.

Angus now lives in Newcastle with his wife, Tamara, and their three boys Edward, Duke and Solomon, and is able to live the life only dreamed of by most photographers: to explore some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and capture a moment of it to brighten any home.

Read an interview with Angus here.

Rusty Russell

Rusty Russell photoRusty’s first break came back in 1999 when he hired a professional Canon DSLR. Rusty has always shared a passion for photographing surfing, skateboarding, BMX and motocross "Keen to find out how to get involved as a photographer I contacted The Planet X Games who were hosting major sporting events throughout Australia." They asked Rusty what type of camera he had; "I told them I was using a canon Pro DSLR and they asked me if I was available the following week to work as their photographer was out of town shooting a triathlon in Hawaii. I said yes!"

Rusty would later find out the photographer he was replacing was Delly Carr - Australia’s most recognized and awarded sport and Olympic photographer. That’s how Rusty got his first paid job "that first job got me in the door and from there I went on tour to photograph Australia’s elite professional motocross, BMX, and skateboard athletes."

This path would ultimately lead Rusty to pursue his passion for surf and ocean photography. Perhaps the most challenging aspect to surfing photography is the uncontrollable factors light, wind, and waves. Despite forecasts, there are no guarantees and one must simply be ready, be available and chase the light.

"I wish to put people in the moment, in the atmosphere – to me there is always a story to shoot but it is important to remain objective as to the truth. Allow the viewer to experience the true sensation of sound, speed and scale. Capture the most accurate account of the event, the moment, the art."

Surfers interact with nature in a truly unique way. Capturing this dramatic interaction between humanity and nature is a privilege to create and share. Rusty will pack a bag in record time and in a matter of hours be on location anywhere on the globe ready to photograph the world’s best surfers. "When you combine different art forms the results can be spectacular!"