Photography by Angus Benham

Hyams Beach JB3208 114x75cm

$496.00 $620.00

Photography by Angus Benham

Hyams Beach JB3208 114x75cm

$496.00 $620.00
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  • Bring the perfect beach home and brighten any space with this easy to hang picture
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Photography to decorate a contemporary bedroom

Acrylic (Acrylic mounted print, ready to hang)

Photos are first printed on a glossy metallic finish paper. This print is then face-mounted to the back of an optically clear, shatterproof acrylic glass creating an amazing sense of depth to the printed photo. Perfect for the modern home or contemporary interior, acrylic prints are completely frameless with no fittings on the front. There is a hanging system attached to the back which also 'floats' the artwork approximately 20mm from the wall. Acrylic prints arrive ready to hang.

Detail photos of Gusha acrylic face mounted photos

Key features:

  • A high contrast finish that maximises depth and dimension of the printed photo. This increases that ‘window effect’ and gives a realism that is difficult to replicate using other picture framing techniques.
  • The 'glass' look is very contemporary and the reflections of acrylic mounted prints further add to this dynamic framing technique. The look is ideal if you're decorating a contemporary home or a commercial space.
  • Larger sizes become heavy but we include an easy to install ‘French cleat’ style hanging system that makes installation of acrylic pictures easy for you. The system also holds the acrylic flat against the wall while also being safe and secure.

Canvas (Stretched canvas prints, ready to hang)

The stretched canvas finish is frameless and non reflective providing a 'painted' feel. They are light weight, low cost for their size and are relatively easy to hang on any wall regardless of wall strength or fixing limitations. Our canvas prints are made with fine art canvas and offer a fine canvas texture. Combined with genuine Epson ultrachrome inks and you have a canvas print with longevity of 50+ years. Each canvas is then protected with a polymer coating that goes deep into the canvas to ensure that the canvas print is protected against UV fading, dust, impurities in the air and minor scratches. The printed canvas is then wrapped around a timber stretcher frame which has a thickness (profile) of 32mm. A hanging cord is attached across the back of the stretcher frame.

Detail closeup photos of Gusha stretched canvas prints

Key features:

  • A matte, non-reflective finish that eliminates reflection caused by strong side light from large windows.
  • Canvas prints are lightweight making them easy for you to hang, even at the largest sizes.
  • A heavy weight coating protects the canvas prints long term and prevents damage in transit.
  • The colour of canvas prints can be vibrant but they are are low in contrast giving a soft painterly effect ideal for home decorating. The weaved canvas textured further adds to this aesthetic.
  • Canvas prints are a relatively affordable way to decorate large walls.

Rolled Prints

Rolled prints are a good choice if you’d like to choose your own custom framing option. Being compact and lightweight makes them an affordable way to ship prints overseas. You can choose to traditionally frame or face mount our rolled paper prints to acrylic. To assist handling, we roll the paper prints with the printed area facing upwards. This rolls the paper the opposite way to it’s natural roll, so it essentially de-curls the paper after being given time to lay flat. Included is a Certificate of Authenticity with the print title and date it was made.

Rolled Canvas

This product is the same finish as our stretched canvas print without the stretcher frame for ease of transporting or sending internationally. The canvas print can then be stretched on a frame or traditionally framed using a local custom framing shop.

Canvas print in mailing tube

Rolled Paper Print - Metallic Gloss

You'll be very impressed with the rolled paper prints made with a metallic paper by Ilford. The super-smooth and perfectly weighted metallic gloss paper has a silver base colour that enhances the tonal range of prints giving more dynamic colour, contrast and dimension. This paper is ideal for traditional framing behind glass and, of course, for face mounting to acrylic.