Benhams go Walkabout - WEEK 10 (but it’s actually week 12) BROOME TO MILLSTREAM-CHICHESTER NP

Benhams go Walkabout - WEEK 10 (but it’s actually week 12) BROOME TO MILLSTREAM-CHICHESTER NP

Injury Report - A very shaken Duke after falling out of the camper bed whilst wrestling. Onto the ground outside, I mean. Turns out we had forgotten to do up the canvas...oops. Hopefully this will give some cred to my threat that they would fall out if they didn’t stop rolling/jumping/ wrestling.


  EDDIE CONSOLING DUKE "you can lean on me as heavy as you want Dukey." Heart melt / DINNER BBQ CABLE BEACH

Finishing the Gibb River Rd felt like we were ending our trip. Broome was like a holiday from the daily filth, packing up, setting up, driving on corrugated dirt roads, no shower/cold shower, rotating solar panels and not enough power to run computer during those late night feeds. We were so busy utilising technology and facilities we hadn’t seen for about 3 weeks that we barely saw Broome other than the ‘staircase to the moon’ moonrise and the obligatory sunset on Cable Beach to see the camels.


So hot or even warm wash in a washing machine is very rare in these parts which is very inconvenient considering we are covered in the reddest of dirt. Made a special trip to commercial 15kg washing machines but to no avail. Some things seemed even dirtier than when they went in.

We had planned to head to Exmouth after Broome but heard such good reports of Millstream that we changed our plans along the way. One night stop in Cape Keraudren. Pulled up in the dark knowing there was a beach out there. Woke up and thought the world had flipped or I was confused about the sun rising in the east or some other phenomenon as I saw the colour intensify over the ocean from my bed. Turns out we were on the east side of the cape…….simple really.
Boys have decided selling shells and coral to fellow campers at the beach is a viable money maker since being sold shells on the Gibb. It is completely lost on them as I try to explain why no one needs to pay for what they too can pick up from their campground. Alas, I am wrong. They made 70 cents and bought a chuppa chup. 50 cents at the next camp but Duke became distraught that his customer wanted to keep the shell in exchange for money. We had to perform a refund.
It turns out Millstream -Chichester NP is in the Pilbara. I’ve heard of it and only thought of mining. I hadn’t been informed that it is the most stunning landscape I think I have seen. Hills and ranges covered in soft looking domes of light green spinifex grass with ridges and rubble of deep rusty red, punctuated by crisp white trunked snappy gums. So perfect it looks landscaped. I guess that is what landscape designers are trying to achieve hey?
The drive into and out of the national park were highlights whereas the park itself was so disappointing we cut our stay from 3 nights to 1. No harm in getting to the turquoise waters of Ningaloo Reef a couple of days early.
Quote of the Day - Duke “I would not like to die in poo. It’s bery yucky inside.”

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