What services do you provide?

At Gusha we produce printed wall artworks to decorate residential and commercial interiors. Printing and finishing is completed in-house by our small team at Brookvale in Sydney, where we also have a small gallery displaying a range of our products in their different finishes.

What's the difference between acrylic and canvas finishes?

Acrylic finish:

  • A high contrast finish that maximises depth and dimension of the printed photo. This increases that ‘window effect’ and gives a realism that is difficult to replicate using other picture framing techniques.
  • The 'glass' look is very contemporary and the reflectivity of acrylic mounted prints further adds to this dynamic framing technique. The look is ideal if you're decorating a contemporary home or a commercial spaces such as reception area.
  • Larger sizes become heavy, similar in weight to large mirrors.

Canvas finish:

  • A matte, non-reflective finish, eliminating reflection caused by strong side light from large windows.
  • Canvas prints are lightweight making them easy for you to hang, even at the largest sizes.
  • A heavy weight coating protects the canvas prints long term and prevents damage in transit.
  • The colour of canvas prints can be very vibrant but they are are low in contrast giving a soft painterly effect ideal for home decorating. The weaved canvas textured further adds to this aesthetic.
  • Canvas prints are a relatively affordable way to decorate large walls.

What is the profile depth of the canvas stretcher frames?

We use stretcher frames with a profile of 32mm.

How long will your acrylic and canvas prints last?

We take great care to choose materials to extend the life of our products. How long they last depends on where they are displayed. Like any artwork, the temperature and amount of light that the prints are subjected to will determine the lifespan of the prints. Moisture in the room can cause mould to develop on the back of the canvas prints. To avoid this a mould inhibitor can be applied but acrylic face mounts would be a better choice in damp areas.

Are the acrylic pictures safe to travel with or transport? Can they crack like glass?

The acrylic pictures are supplied with a temporary protective plastic layer over the face to protect them from scratches in transit. If you’ll be traveling with them either leave this plastic in place or protect the face instead using several layers of food wrap (such as 'Gladwrap’). Then, if possible use bubble wrap for further protection. Note that acrylic is more flexible than glass and won’t crack so it’s much safer to transport than glass.

Do I have to use your sizes as quoted on this website? Are custom sizes available?

Yes as we primarily produce to order we can make custom picture sizes. First, shortlist the pictures you’re interested in then please contact us by phone or email to arrange custom sizing.

How quickly will my order be completed?

Turnaround for canvas prints is 7-10 days. Acrylic face mounts have a two to three week turnaround. Delivery is additional to these times.

Is turnaround time dependent on size, i.e. longer time for larger canvases?

Turnaround time is somewhat dependent on size but volume is most likely to delay the order.

How are orders posted? With Australia Post?

For postage to Sydney, Wollongong & Newcastle destinations we use local courier companies. For orders outside these areas we use an agent who uses a range of couriers (eg Couriers Please, TNT, etc) dependent on parcel dimensions and delivery destination.

If I want to print a photo on Plexiglass is that possible?

Yes. Plexiglass is a brand name given to acrylic so it is the same material that we’re currently using for acrylic face mounting.

What is the largest maximum size for acrylic prints? Canvas prints?

The maximum size for the acrylic prints 2420x1210mm. For canvas prints it is 2950x1300mm. We don’t offer the largest sizes possible online. Please contact us with your specific requirements if you’re interested in the largest sizes possible.

Does acrylic yellow over time?

There is much misunderstanding with regard to the longevity of plastics, especially outside in the elements. All plastics come from petroleum and natural gas. Sunlight, especially ultraviolet radiation, has a disastrous effect on most plastics. Some plastics, like polyethylene (PE) milk jugs, degrade quickly in the sun – in a matter of months. Acrylic comes from natural gas and is completely inert when in solid form so will not yellow when kept indoors. Due to the inherent UV stability of acrylic it can maintain its transparency after 30 years of outdoor exposure.

Do you have any guidelines on cleaning methods for acrylic face mounts and canvas prints?

Regarding acrylic prints, we recommend a gentle clean with some dish washing detergent and warm water. Use a clean microfiber cloth. To quickly get rid of more persistent greasy marks you can also use methylated spirits which is available from all hardware stores. Lastly, avoid using glass cleaners (such as Windex) as they may contain ammonia which can be damaging to acrylic. Regular cleaning of canvases should be limited to dry dusting. If necessarily, canvases may periodically be cleaned with a lightly damp cloth to give a more thorough clean.

 Can you print and produce my photos on acrylic or canvas?

Yes! Send your photos to us and we can start an order for you. More information at www.gushapro.com.au

Do you have any advice on hanging large prints?

Download our guide to picture hanging fixings and options. If you have hollow walls made with plasterboard (eg Giproc) then simple, nail in, brass picture hooks are ideal for pictures with a weight of up to 5-6kg. If you have cement walls you have two options. You can drill in and use 6mm plastic wall plugs and then simply add a screw. The second popular option is buying stick on (eg Command brand hooks) strip hooks.
The larger acrylic pictures come fitted with two 'D-ring' hangers. Below is a video demonstrating how to hang these on your wall.

Can I collect an order from your office/gallery?

Yes pick up is available from the studio address detailed on our Contact Page.