Benhams go Walkabout WEEK 14 - THE PILBARA, KARIJINI

Benhams go Walkabout WEEK 14 - THE PILBARA, KARIJINI

Quote of the Week - Me “ What are you looking forward to most when you get home?”

Eddie “Hugging my car”.

Me “Your toy cars?”

Eddie “No. Our black car ‘cause I love it so much”.
I had no idea you felt that way Eddie Bear.


I already knew I was excited to return to the incredible Pilbara landscape which made leaving my future Ningaloo winter home a smidge easier. It was supposed to be a quick 2 hour stop in Tom Price but have a coffee, 3 trips to the toilet, 2 nappy changes, grocery shopping for the next week, fill up with diesel and replace a tyre…….5 hours later. Karijini is so busy we are in the overflow campsite waiting for a proper site to become available. We got one the next day but the cold took us by surprise. Overnight temps as low as 2 degrees…...yikes! While I splurged on bringing our double thick woolen doona I still needed, socks, trackies, long sleeve top and dressing down with hood on to make it comfortably through the night.


Karijini didn’t disappoint. We had heard rumours of it surpassing the Gibb and it sure did. Angus and I kept saying whilst on the Gibb that we didn’t know what we were expecting but that wasn’t it. Not bad, just different and the driving scenery was a bit ho-hum. Well. This is what we were expecting it turns out. Dramatic, steep red gorges slicing into the landscape. Stunning to drive around and awe inspiring to walk into. I regularly blurted out whilst driving "We love you Pilbara!". 5 days had to be extended into a week. This is what Angus had been waiting for. Only his pictures will tell the true story.


Angus and I took turns going for hikes. I loved the challenge of the solo hike I did but camp days were great too. Cooking, naturE walking with the boys, play time with Solly, sorting clothes and a bit of craft. Very satisfying. And all whilst wearing uggies, the best thing I almost didn’t bring!


Injury Report

Duke - Toe is now infected as he still won’t keep shoes or bandaids on. Warm saline foot bath ought to do it.

Eddie - Gum less sore. Saline gargle seems to have worked.

Duke - Cut back of head falling off picnic table

Eddie - cut eye from flying over the top of his tip truck whilst crashing into Dukey

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