Benhams go Walkabout - WEEK 1 ONE MILE BEACH & HAWKS NEST

Benhams go Walkabout - WEEK 1 ONE MILE BEACH & HAWKS NEST



Well we finally made it without losing our camper in the freeway.....phew! Our campsite was directly behind the dunes of One Mile Beach. Great spot to do first test flight of Angus’ new drone. Boys had endless fun climbing and sliding on the dunes “sand slides”.

Sunrise beach drives at Stockton. Found heaps of stingrays washed up along with the biggest jellyfish I’ve ever seen which was about the diameter of a large watermelon. I think the pumping up of the tyres after dune driving was a highlight for the boys


In Hawks Nest we stayed in our first National Park campground with no power or water, just long drop toilets. I think we are hardcore now….right? We were stalked by goannas at both campsites and realised how much we need to teach the boys about wildlife safety without filling them with fear of every creepy crawly.

Too late. Bull “bully” ant bites for both Eddie and Angus.

Quote of the week

Eddie “Did you know Warriewood means falling trees?”

I think “wow. Clever kid has learnt some Aboriginal meaning….”

Eddie “Yeah. If the trees are falling you need to worry”.


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